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CAS0026 - Cl Duke No. 9076 at Leamington Spa 19/6/49DEW0155 - Cl Duke No. 3254 'Cornubia' on a train leaving Barmouth c 1937DEW0183 - Cl Duke No. 3234 at Didcot shed, c 1930s-post June 1932DEW0213 - Cl Duke No. 3256 'Guinivere' at Didcot 24/2/35DWA0470 - Cl Duke No. 3254 'Cornubia' at Eastleigh c mid 1930sFAI0075 - Cl Duke No. 3280 at Didcot (front buffer beam cut off) 21/2/37FAI0205 - Cl Duke No. 3254 'Cornubia' at Didcot shed 26/2/39FRE0387C - Cl Duke No. 3256 'Guinevere', April 1939PROU008 - Cl Duke No. 3254 'Cornubia' at Didcot shed, Mar 1939UNK0075 - Cl Duke No. 9084 'Isle of Jersey' (minus nameplates and tender) at Swindon dump 10/6/51UNK0334 - Cl Duke No. 3252 'Duke of Cornwall' at Plymouth North Road 29/8/25