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BJW0060 - Cl Bulldog No. 3418 'Sir Arthur Yorke' at Old Oak Common shed 26/9/48DEW0208 - Cl Bulldog No. 3409 'Queensland' at Hereford shed 17/5/37DEW0217 - Cl Bulldog No. 3302 'Sir Lancelot' at Old Oak Common 24/8/30DWA0468 - Cl Bulldog No. 3419 at Swindon c 1936JAY0079 - Cl Bulldog No. 3447 'Jackdaw' withdrawn at Swindon 22/4/51PHW0366 - Cl Bulldog No. 3445 'Flamingo', 3rd loco in a 4-loco light engine movement at Charlbury 1/8/48PHW0367 - Cl Bulldog No. 3450 'Peacock' at Birmingham Snow Hill 1929PROU010 - Cl Bulldog No. 3429 at Swindon Works, June 1939RPP0244 - Cl Bulldog No. 3341 'Blasius' (combined oval number & nameplate) at Camarthen (rear of tender out of shot), May 1939RPP0313 - Cl Bulldog No.3429 at Swindon, June 1938UNK0333 - Cl Bulldog No. 3346 'Tavy' at Weston-super-Mare c 1920sDEW0232 - Cl Bulldog (unidentified) piloting Cl 4000 No. 4017 'Knight of Liege' at Plymouth Millbay 15/9/29