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RE00677C - Cl 5700 No. L89 (ex GWR No. 5575) near Oakworth, KWVR 2/6/74RE00988CVF - Cl 5700 No. L89 at Haworth station, KWVR 31/3/73RE00989CVF - Cl 5700 No. L89 at Haworth, KWVR 31/3/73RE00999CVF - Cl 5700 No. L89 leaving Keighley, KWVR 26/8/73RE05204C - Cl 5700 LT No. L89 and Cl S160 No. 5820 'Big Jim' at Haworth shed, KWVR 3/5/80RH00291C - Cl 5700 LT No. L92 at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway 27/4/13DEW0231 - Cl 5700 No. 9870 at Swindon shed 28/6/36FAI0804 - Cl 5700 (2, unidentified) departing Folkestone harbour with a boat train for Junction (general view of train) 31/3/61RE01438C - Cl 5700 No. L95 at Bridgnorth, SVR c 1970sRE01981C - Cl 5700 No. L99 (London Transport, ex-GWR No. 7715) at Watford West 22/5/93RE04424C - Cl 5700 LT No. L99 at Watford West 20/5/93DUN0651 - Cl 5700 LT No. L93 (ex GWR No. 7779) shunting at Neasden 29/4/67DUN0755 - Cl 5700 LT No. L94 (ex No. 7752) at Neasden 29/4/67