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BJW0035 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 92 (ex RR) in Cardiff Docks c 1947-54CAR0291 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 94 c 1950sCAR0293 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 96 c 1950sDEW0015 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 667 (ex ADR) at Newport Pill 23/7/39DEW0187 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 820 (ex Camb R) as sold out of service at Mells Colliery near Frome 1939DEW0189 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 783 (ex Barry R) at Barry 28/7/35DEW0198 - Cl 0-6-0T No.671 at Swindon 19/9/37FAI0006 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 28 (ex CM&DPLR) at Kidderminster shed 24/5/36FAI0234 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 783 (ex Barry Rly) under repair at Barry shed (with rods removed) 6/7/47FAI0523 - Cl 0-6-0T Nos 822 and 823 (ex W&L) in store in Oswestry Works 21/6/59JAY0820 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 90 (ex RR) at Swindon 21/3/54JAY0999 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 2166 (ex BP&GV) at Swansea East Dock 15/8/54JAY1158 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 681 (ex Cardiff Railway) at Gloucester shed 28/2/55JAY1901 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 823 'The Countess' (ex W&L) at Oswestry Works 30/7/56FAI0260 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 5 (ex WC&PR) in Swindon stock shed 12/8/51THO0010C - Cl 0-6-0T No. 822 'The Earl' (ex W&LR) at Llanfair Caereinion, 1970THO0012C - Cl 0-6-0T No. 823 'The Countess' (ex W&LR) and train at Llanfair Caereinion, July 1970THO0016C - Cl 0-6-0T No. 823 'The Countess' (ex W&LR) at Llanfair Caereinion, July 1970NB00704 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 667 (ex Alexandra Docks & Railway Co.) at Newport Pill 12/6/49NB00705 - Cl 0-6-0T No. 435 (ex Brecon & Merthyr Railway) at Swindon 31/10/54