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AW00607 - Sl1go station name board 9/9/54AW00611 - View along the tracks towards Letterkenny station 10/9/54AW00615 - View along the tracks towards Stranorlan station 10/9/54CH06573C - View looking east at Neragh station buildings 29/9/74CH06702C - Castlegrove station and signals (2 on one post) viewed from a train 29/8/62CH06760C - View from the footbridge of Manulla Junction station 4/9/62CH06763C - Exterior view of Howth station taken from the road 16/5/80CH06765C - Portarlington station up side buildings 5/9/62CH06766C - Portlaoise station nameboard 31/2/62CH06777C - Fota station platform shelter 26/8/62CH06778C - Killarney station nameboard 13/5/80CH06794C - View along the platform looking towards the signal box at Kilfree Junction 5/9/62CH06811C - View of the platform end and signals at Machine Junction 3/8/62CH06830C - Loughrea station buildings viewed from across the tracks 1/6/72HAR0125C - View of Platform 5 at Dublin Pearse station c March 1997LAN0107C - View along the platform at Cork Glanmire Road station c 1970sLAN0108C - View along the platform at an unidentified Irish station c 1970sLAN0110C - View along the platform alongside a train in Cork Glanmire Road station c 1970sLAN0111C - Limerick Junction station viewed from a train c 1970sLAN0112C - Platform view at Limerick Junction station c 1970s