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BRO0016VF - Camelon signal box viewed from a trainCC00404CVF - Hawick South signal box c 1970sCH05680 - Linton station signal box c mid 1960sCH05922C - Haydon Bridge signal box 19/3/77CH05924C - Haydon Bridge signal box and crossing 19/3/77CH06704C - NER rotating board level crossing signal, crossing and crossing keeper's hut at Hammerton 21/10/79CH06744C - Tempsford signal box 29/8/72CUL3426 - Essendine signal box 22/8/71CUL3519 - The barriers at the Docks Road crossing, Felixstowe 2/8/77DCA0004C - Fambridge signal box c 1986DCA0005C - Interior view of Fambridge signal box 1986DCA0006C - Fambridge signal box (non-steps end) 1986DCA0008C - Cantley signal box and crossing, 1987DCA0014C - Yarmouth Vauxhall station signal box (, 1988DCA0016C - View looking north west across the level crossing towards Ely North signal box, 1984DCA0027C - Reedham Junction signal box c 1991DCA0028C - Eccles Road signal box and crossing c 1989DCA0030C - Yarmouth Vauxhall signal box with the station beyond c 1989DCA0033CVF - Yarmouth Vauxhall signal box and signal gantry c 1989DCA0043C - March South Junction signal box (non-steps end), 1989